Dashen Breweries Provides Material Support to 37 Grassroots Football Projects

Client Press Release

Dashen Breweries/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (May 26, 2016):- Dashen Breweries S.C. has provided material support of over 225 standard footballs and bibs to 37 grassroots football projects from across Ethiopia.


The material support was handed over to the coaches of all the 37 projects on Wednesday, May 25 at the closing ceremony of the Second Round Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching Series held in Addis Ababa.

On average, there 20 t0 25 children under each of these projects. The total number of beneficiary children under these 37 projects is well above 1,500.  

Ato Mekibib Alemu, Deputy CEO of Dashen Breweries, Neil Harvey and Patrick Gavaghan, Arsenal Soccer School Coaches and Alice Larkworthy, Arsenal Partnership Services Manager handed over the bibs and balls to the Ethiopian coaches.


Also at the closing ceremony of the two-day coaching session, the trainee coaches received certificates for participating in the Second Round Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching Series.


Speaking at a press conference in connection with the closing ceremony, Ato Mekibib stated that “the popularity of and interest in the Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching Series has increased over time that we have to include 15 new coaches in the Second Round on the request of Football Federation, regional sport commissions and individuals. This attests to the importance of the coaching training. And Dashen will continue on all its efforts to ensure the development of football in Ethiopia”.


The Second Round of Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching Series was oversubscribed after more and more Ethiopian trainee coaches requested to join, bringing the total to 37. Of these, 15 are new coaches who just started in the second round by receiving the level one training so they can catch up with the previous 22 coaches.


This is the third training session and the second in the Grassroots Coaching Series conducted by Arsenal Soccer School coaches in Ethiopia. Before the Grassroots Coaching Series was launched a team of coaches from Arsenal Soccer Schools gave advanced and modern coaching training to over 30 coaches drawn from all Ethiopian Premier League clubs in November 2015. The first of the six-round Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching series was conducted in Bahirdar town on February 17 and 18 involving over 27 coaches drawn from around Ethiopia. The number has now increased to 37 owing to the request from individual coaches, the Ethiopian Football Federation and Regional Sport bureaus.

Accordingly, the second coaching session was conducted in two groups with all the newly joining coaches given the first level while the rest received the second level coaching training.

Coming under the Dashen Arsenal FC partnership agreement, this high profile coaching series under the theme “Grassroots Football Development in Ethiopia” is meant to boost grassroots football across the country.  


Dashen Breweries S.C. is undertaking several activities to support the development of football and this initiative is one part of that commitment to society. Accordingly, a team of Arsenal Soccer School coaches gave in November 2015 advanced and modern coaching training to over 30 coaches drawn from all Ethiopian Premier League clubs. This was followed by the maiden Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching Series launched in mid-February.

Arsenal has become the first Premier League side to secure a regional partnership in Ethiopia after announcing Dashen Breweries S.C. as its Official Beer Partner. The three-year-partnership will help Arsenal get closer to its fans in Ethiopia and will focus on supporting Dashen Breweries’ community based initiatives with coaches from the club taking part in grassroots football development projects in Ethiopia.

As was the case with the first round the second round Dashen-Arsenal Grassroots Coaching Session on Tuesday May 24 and Wednesday 25 was given by the same Arsenal Soccer School coaches; the next four rounds will take place in various parts of Ethiopia at different times. The training is designed for Ethiopia by the Arsenal coaches and focuses on how to spur Grassroots Football Development in Ethiopia by nurturing children’s talent.

A day before the Second Round session started the Arsenal coaches visited two participating grassroots projects in Addis Ababa.

“While visiting the grassroots projects, I got a chance to witness the impact this training is having on grassroots development here in Ethiopia. We train the coaches how to coach, not what to coach. And I have seen that being implemented. And I hope there will many more benefits from this Dashen-Arsenal Coaching Series,” said Neil Harvey, Arsenal Soccer School Coach.


The training has both theoretical and practical aspects. As all the Ethiopian coaches progress through the course there will also be "train the trainer" module so that the trainee coaches can pass on the skills and knowledge they gain to new coaches.  


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