Ethiopian Army Locates Abducted Gambella Children, Engages Abductors

Compiled By Omer Redi

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 21, April 2016 (IMC) - The Ethiopian army has located children abducted last week by armed men allegedly of South Sudan's Murle tribe from its Gambella regional, local media reported.

The army is heavily engaging the abductors in an effort to bring the over 120 children, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC).

The children were abducted after the armed men stormed over a dozen western Ethiopian villages on Friday night unleashing carnage that, according to victims, lasted for six hours through Saturday early morning. They have also raided over 2,000 cattle from these villages. The slaying of over 208 Ethiopians caused a public anger across Ethiopia with citizens demanding quick retaliatory actions by the government making sure abducted children are rescued.     

The Ethiopian army has now surrounded the area where the children are said to be kept after entering places called Jior and Kok, FBC quoted Gatluak Tut, Chief Administrator of Gembella Region, as saying.

The army is currently conducting a massive military operation against the abductors to rescue the children, he added.

He said 125 children abducted by the armed group will be reunited with their families after the operation.

The military operation also targets to bring back the over 2,000 cattle stolen by the gunmen, he added.

This has come as South Sudanese government has reportedly agreed to collaborate with Ethiopia in taking measures against the perpetrators of the killings and abductions.

South Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Akuei Bona, told the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) that his government condemns the act as it is “totally unacceptable and inhuman”.