Our media relations services are frequently singled out for special recognition. One less obvious reason might be our impeccable relationship with the media borne out of two simple factors - background in journalism and the resultant industry knowledge which translates into professionalism and reliability. We don't just have a media contacts list. We don’t just work with the media. We are friends with every single journalist and managers of newsrooms in Ethiopia and around Africa. But we are not limited to mainland Africa; most reporters, editors and managers of Pan-African media in the diaspora are equally friends with us.

In an industry noted for a rapid turnover of operators, our strategy of steady organic growth has enabled us to expand our operations in a way that gives confidence to ourselves as much as our clients. We believe that confidence is visible in our undertakings, accomplishments and open interactions with our clients and other industry players combined with our principle to embrace technology. That’s our philosophy for future growth too. It’s no coincidence that we are the only such firm in Ethiopia to have multinationals from afar among our clientèle the first month we opened for business.