We can guarantee that our clients' position and profile is accurately and clearly reflected across all platforms. In the classic media, we are the best simply because we know how to manage dialogue with journalists and editors.

We are also the perfect example of a fusion of traditional/classic media with social media and digital communications. Ifriqiyah’s social media and tech geeks can geek a client’s message out allover digital communications platforms. Our geeks won’t stop at spreading a client’s message on Ifriqiyah’s own social media platforms with a wide followers base. Hence, we employ social media engagements technologies on behalf of our clients to communicate with pre-defined and specific audiences that are interested in products or services or related to an issue or cause in some way. We provide strategic planning and execute on plans across a number of platforms; blogs, social networks, social media news releases, user-generated content, aggregation sites, online communities, web site development and search engine optimisation.