Ifriqiyah Media and Communications is a specialized private firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia known around Africa for endeavouring to maintain excellence in communications. Founded by experts in the industry with over a decade spotless track records, Ifriqiyah is a rising star in public relations, advertising, promotion and media consultancy. In short, we are the best in integrated visibility and outreach services!

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Our media relations services are frequently singled out for special recognition. One less obvious reason might be our impeccable relationship with the media borne out of two simple factors - background in journalism and the resultant industry knowledge which...


Our highly trained teams of expert ensure that every aspect of every service we provide meets or exceeds our clients’ high expectations, with the finest industry knowledges at our office to run exceptional services in the fields. From our office at the nerve centre of Addis Ababa,


Our public relations (PR) management strategy and approach frees you to enjoy all the benefits of positive publicity without you going through the time-consuming routine management responsibilities involved in PR undertakings. Yes, we are that PR Agent who takes...